Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bayreuth extracts 1934

Frida Leider as Brunnhilde

Pre-war Bayreuth recordings are relatively rare, and thus these short extracts are very important. For one thing they preserve part of Frida Leider's Brunnhilde, live on stage at the place where she was perhaps most famous. This is also one of the earliest live recordings with Max Lorenz, the pre-eminent heldentenor at Bayreuth in the 1930s and 40s. The Gotterdammerung extract was part of a newsreel film of a rehearsal, the Walkure was part of a live performance but only 8 minutes exist.

Gotterdammerung July 1934
Dawn Duet, rehearsal recorded on film
Frida Leider - Brunnhilde
Max Lorenz - Siegfried
c. Karl Elmendorff

Die Walkure Aug 6, 1934
Act 3 extracts
Frida Leider - Brunnhilde
Maria Muller - Sieglinde
Rudolf Bocklemann - Wotan
c. Karl Elmendorff

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