Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fidelio Salzburg 1936

The original transcription disc

 Here are 55 minutes of the first act of Fidelio from Salzburg in 1936. While the sound is primitive, from a shortwave relay to the USA, it permits us to hear Lotte Lehmann as Leonore, including her long aria 'Abscheulicher' which ends these extracts. There are announcements before and after the extract. Unlike the Meistersinger posted previously, there is no extant recording from 1937 in better sound, though apparently one was meant to be recorded. Toscanini did record the opera again in 1944.

Beethoven: Fidelio - Act I (incomplete)
August 16, 1936 2-3pm EDST NBC Red

Leonore: Lotte Lehmann
Florestan: Koloman von Pataky
Don Fernando: Carl Bissuti
Don Pizarro: Alfred Jerger
Marzelline: Luise Helletsgruber
Rocco: Anton Baumann
Jaquino: Hermann Gallos
Arturo Toscanini, Conductor Vienna Philharmonic, Festspielhaus, Salzburg


  1. a question: do you have the original source? The photo is of your record? if so, it would be great, as this is the reference source, as this recording appears in various flavours ( with or without final faded aria ...)
    Many thanks!

  2. No, I got the photo from someone who does have the original disc. I think this upload is as close to the original source as I have heard.