Thursday, 3 March 2011

Die Meistersinger, Salzburg 1936

The final scene of the 1936 Salzburg Meistersinger
Here are large parts of acts 1 and 3 of Die Meistersinger, conducted by Toscanini at the 1936 Salzburg Festival. Act 1 is about 73 minutes, taken from a shortwave relay with some announcements. Act 3 is about an hour, consisting of the first three scenes, plus the final scene. It is in much better sound than the shortwave extracts. It is not clear which radio stations recorded these extracts, the New York station WJZ only broadcast thirty minutes, but Norweigan stations broadcast the first hour while French and Austrian stations broadcast the entire opera. It gives us a rare chance to hear Lotte Lehmann on stage as Eva. A complete Toscanini Meistersinger from Salzburg in 1937 exists and has been issued by Andante (now OOP), while American tenor Charles Kullman can be heard in a complete Meistersinger from the Met in 1939.

Wagner: Die Meistersinger von N├╝rnberg: Acts I & 3 (extracts)
August. 8, 1936

Hans Sachs: Hans Hermann Nissen
Eva: Lotte Lehmann
Stolzing: Charles Kullman
David: Richard Sallaba
Sixtus Beckmesser – Hermann Wiedemann
Veit Pogner – Herbert Alsenn
Fritz Kothner – Victor Madin
Kunz VogelsangGoerg Maikl
Arturo Toscanini - Vienna Philharmonic, Festspielhaus, Salzburg

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