Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Aida, Chicago 1940

Rose Bampton (1907-2007) as Aida
About 20 minutes of this Aida have survived, principally the end of act 3 and the end of act 4. These two acts were the only ones broadcast by WGN (Chicago 9.30-11pm) with a relay to WOR (New York 11.15pm-12.30am). This the only recording we have of Bampton and Martinelli together in Aida, though both performed and broadcast the opera from the Met but always with different partners. The sound is often very noisy, but there are some occasional good parts.

Chicago Civic Opera, December 9, 1940

Aida - Rose Bampton
Radames - Giovanni Martinelli
Amonasro - Carlo Morelli
Amneris - Elza Zebranska
c. Paul Breisach

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