Saturday, 25 February 2012

Otello La Scala 1939

Merli as Otello
Recorded lived at Castello Sforzesco in Milan and transmitted via shortwave to the USA we have nearly all of act 1 of Otello. This post allows us to hear the famed Italian tenor Francesco Merli (1887-1976) in one of his signature roles, Otello. Merli made studio recordings but live recordings of him on stage are rare. World War II, which would break out just weeks after this broadcast, would effectively end Merli's career. The broadcast was aired on WJZ New York (4-4.35pm).

Verdi – Otello – Act 1
Castello Sforzesco, Milan August 15, 1939

c. Arturo Lucon

Otello - Francesco Merli
Desdemona - Delia Sanzio
Iago - Enrico de Francheschi
Cassio - Alfredo Poggianti
Rodrigo - Erminio Benatti
Lodovico - Giuseppe Meraina
Montano - Luigi Sardi
Emilia - Rina Gallo Toscani

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  1. Much thanks for sharing these rare historic treasures with us. Unfortunately, has become a useless crap with download speed that seems to take forever and often unavailable files. Hence may I find out whether there's any other better alternative to get the sound files?