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Die Frau ohne Schatten San Francisco 1960

The American premiere of Strauss's Die Frau Ohne Schatten occured in San Francisco in 1959 with a fairly unknown cast. The following year the opera was performed again but this time with a high quality international cast, led by Leonie Rysanek who had already recorded the role for Decca, and who would 'own' the role of the Empress in Vienna and later the Met for the next twenty years.  Danish tenor, Ticho Parly, made a name for himself in taxing roles during the 1960s including Tristan and Siegfried, and this is the only recording I know of him in this role. The performance was not broadcast but extracts were recorded in house, amounting to about 35 minutes each from acts 1 and 2, and a nearly complete act 3.

Ticho Parly



San Francisco Opera
24 September 1960

Kaiser Ticho Parly
Kaiserin Leonie Rysanek
Barak Paul Schoeffler
Farberin Marianne Schech
Nurse Irene Dalis
Spirit Messenger Robert Anderson
One Eyed Brother Richard Wentworth
One Armed Brother Lorenzo Alvary
Hunchbacked Brother Raymond Manton
Falcon's voice Frances McCann
Apparition of a youth Gilbert Russell
Voice from above Virginia Starr
Guardian of the hearth Mary Costa
Voices of the unborn Mary Costa
France McCann
Janis Martin
Margot Blum
Katherine Hilgenberg
Servants Virginia Starr
Frances McCann
Margo Blum
Nightwatchmen Donald Drain
James Standard
Ned Romero

Conductor Leopold Ludwig

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