Friday, 24 June 2011

Siegfried Teatro Colon 1938

Max Lorenz as Siegfried

 Here's another performance from the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires conducted by Erich Kleiber. This upload is of the first act of Siegfried with Max Lorenz in the title role. Lorenz was the leading European heldentenor of the 1930s and 1940s, dominating at Bayreuth, Berlin and Vienna. This recording shows why Lorenz was so highly regarded, far more than some of his 1950s recordings when his voice had lost some of its potency. Some portions of act 2 of this performance also apparently exist, but I don't have them. The sound is more than reasonable for 1938.


Wagner - Siegfried Act 1

Conductor Erich Kleiber 

Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires) October 4, 1938

Siegfried - Max Lorenz

Mime - Erich Witte

Wanderer - Herbert Janssen

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  1. The excerpts from Act 2 (along with the complete Act 1) have been issued on a bonus CD which comes with the DVD film documentary about Max Lorenz. Here is the info:

    I also mention (although you most likely know it already) that there is a live 1943 recording of Lorenz singing Tristan. The opera was issued on the German label PREISER: