Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lohengrin Chicago 1938

Flagstad as Elsa
Here are 8 minutes toward the end of the first act of Lohengrin broadcast between 8-9pm CST by WENR. It is perhaps most notable for the Elsa of Kirsten Flagstad since she did not perform this role often (in comparison to Isolde and Brunnhilde) and there is only one complete recording of her in this opera, from the Met in 1937.

Wagner - Lohengrin
Chicago Civic Opera
November 21, 1938

Lohengrin - Rene Maison
Elsa - Kirsten Flagstad
Ortrud - Eleanor Lamont
King Henry - John Gurney
Telramund - George Chehanovsky
c. Edwin McArthur


  1. Very interesting blog, thanks!
    But where is link to rapidshare? Same with Leider Tristan and Isolde from 1934.

  2. Sorry!
    Here is the link